Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you we ship?

We ship anywhere in Canada.

$15 Flat rate will be added at Checkout.

Free shipping on orders of $70 or more. Ordering tip; place a large order with a friend and you can both save on shipping cost.


 Where do our salt and herbs come from?

All our salts are hand-harvested, unrefined sea salts from around the world. From the salt ponds in France to the salt deposits deep in the Himalayan Mountains.

We try to source our herbs and spices from Canadian producers whenever possible.


Do our products contain any common allergens?

Our products are all gluten free and vegan friendly! They contain no nuts or seeds either.

We do not add any additives, fillers, or anti-caking agents to any of our products.

Have other questions?

Use the chat box at the bottom of the screen to chat with us directly. We are available Monday-Friday during business hours.

Alternatively, send us a quick email and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Contact us