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Sel Gris - Grey Sea Salt

Sel Gris - Grey Sea Salt

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Sel Gris is a completely natural and unrefined sea salt from France. Also known as French grey, or Celtic sea salt. This salt is harvested using traditional Celtic methods. High in minerals and nutrients, the French salts are known to be among the best tasting. Currently our grey salt is available in four grain sizes. from smallest to largest; Velvet, Fine, Coarse, Heavy Coarse.

Grey sea salt is a type of sea salt that is less processed than other salts, allowing for higher moisture and trace minerals such as magnesium, calcium, and potassium. It is commonly used in cooking, baking, and as a seasoning for various dishes. Given its nutrition and flavour advantages, Celtic sea salt can benefit most healthy adults who enjoy cooking. Some people who may especially appreciate Celtic sea salt include athletes, as it helps replenish minerals lost in sweat

Grain sizes:

Velvet - The consistency of velvet grain is ideal for coating snacks like nuts, popcorn and chips. Stone ground to almost the consistency of baking flour, this grain size melts quickly and evenly in soups & sauces for food service use. Velvet grain is also useful in skin care. Use in a NetiPot solution, in a gentle exfoliator for delicate skin, or in bath & body products that call for a sea salt without a granular texture.

Fine - Fine grain is created by stone grinding the larger crystals by hand until it reaches a fine consistency. This size is the perfect replacement for everyday table salt in shakers. This grain size can be used in any application that calls for traditional salt—from cooking to baking to the table.

Coarse - Carefully sifted for medium grain consistency leaving the grains more evenly sized than the heavy coarse option. Perfect for finishing meals, on top of breads or caramels, as well as in cooking or baking. Due to its high moisture content this salt should not be used in mills or grinders.

Heavy Coarse - The naturally large, irregularly-shaped crystals of heavy coarse grain are the traditional, un-sifted size gleaned from the harvesting methods. This size is popular with for topping baked goods and confections, as well as snack foods that call for a topical salty crunch.

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