• Peppercorn Blends in Jars
  • Peppercorn Blends in Jars
  • Peppercorn Blends in Jars
  • Peppercorn Blends in Jars
  • Peppercorn Blends in Jars
  • Peppercorn Blends in Jars
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Peppercorn Blends in Jars


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Infused Sea Salts

Here are the peppercorn blends that we presently have on offer. All blends are made in-house with quality ingredients.

  •  Exotic Peppercorn Blend - A combination of black, white, green and pink peppercorns producing a complex peppercorn flavour.
  • Lavender Pepper - Organic culinary lavender with black peppercorns, Applewood-smoked pepper and garlic. Place in a grinder and sprinkle on meats.
  • Pink Peppercorn Blend. Pink peppercorns with cumin, garlic, onion coriander and thyme. Use this blend for a sweet spicy flavour on hot or cold dishes.
  • Citrus Garlic Peppercorn Blend. Citrus, garlic, peppercorns and coriander will spice up your chicken or fish.
  • Hickory Pepper. Smoked over hickory wood. Use on anything to add a smoky flavour.
  • Maras Pepper. Medium heat, bright fruity flavour from Turkey. Use in sauces, pizza and pasta.
  • Urfa Pepper. Mellow heat, fruity smoky flavour from Turkey. Use in rubs, sauces, soup, salads, pizza & pasta.



About Us

Growing up in Montreal, antiques were always a part of my life. My mum and dad had a beautiful antique store and in it were many objects of interest including salt cellars. We always had salt on the table in pretty containers but they did not contain the more colorful and healthy salts that are becoming more prominent today. As the years went by, my interest evolved into the culinary field which led me to George Brown College in Toronto. I apprenticed in many restaurants learning the skills needed to create a great meal. I spent 5 years as the owner/operator of my own restaurant where I had a free hand to create and modify recipes. I proceeded to get my teaching degree and taught the culinary arts at the high school level for many years.

This brings us to the present day Salt Cellar. We operate as a small team and pride ourselves on being local and producing the blends in-house. We make our blends in small batches ensuring freshness. We started by selling at farmer's markets and then expanded into retail shops. We also sell in bulk to restaurants. We have been selling online for about 6 months.


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