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Variety Kits Approx. 150g

Variety Kits Approx. 150g

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4 great crowd-pleasing salts in each kit. Recipe book included.

Combinations are subject to change without notice based on availability.

Gourmet Harvest: High Steaks, Lime Habanero & Celery, Lime Pepper, Spanish Rosemary

Nana's Garden: Spanish Rosemary, Mais Oui, Sweet Onion & Bacon, Oregano Blend

Wine & Dine: Black Truffle, Vintage Merlot, Fleur de Sel, Maras Pepper or Urfa Pepper

Popcorn Truffle: Black Truffle, Lime Pepper, Chili Sea Salt, Canadian Bacon

Dragon's Breath: Sriracha, Smokn' Guns, Ghost Pepper, Habanero

WingNut: Smokn' Guns, Acadian Cajun, Lemon Dill, Canadian Bacon

Popcorn Paradise: Lime Pepper, Canadian Bacon?, Oh Chihuahua, Chili Sea Salt

Wild West Grill:  High Steak, Acadian Cajun, Black & White, Holy Smoke

Hooked: Lime Pepper, Lemon Dill, Oregano Blend, Oh Chihuahua

The Pepper Patch: (no salt); White Malabar Pepper, Pink Peppercorn Blend, Urfa or Maras Pepper, Hickory Pepper

Salt & Pepper: Pink Himalayan Fine, Grey Fine Sea Salt, Hickory Smoked Pepper, White Malabar Pepper

Smokzzz:  Durango Hickory Smoked, Salish Alderwood Smoked, Yakima Applewood Smoked, Holy Smoke

Happy Hour: Above the Rim, Lime Margarita, Lime Habanero & Celery, Salish

OUT OF STOCK - SALTED 8 ways to Love your Food: assortment of our Signature Blends

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