We took the guess work out of seasoning your food by putting together a variety of blends for your culinary enjoyment. All blends are made in-house and use only the finest ingredients. All of the sea salts used are Kosher certified. All blends are gluten and dairy-free.

Acadian Cajun: Sea salt, paprika, garlic, herbs and spices, peppercorns

Black & White: Sea salt, pepper

Canadian Bacon: Maple sugar, sea salt, pepper, garlic, herbs

Chili Sea Salt: Cane sugar, Habanero, Lime, chillies

High Steaks: French Grey Sea Salt, herbs and spices

Lavender Salt: Sea salt, culinary lavender

Lavender Pepper: Peppercorns, garlic, lavender

Lemon Dill: Sea salt, lemon, dill.

Lime Margarita: Lime, Sea salt, lemon

Lime Pepper: Sea salt, lime, peppercorns, herbs

Lime, Habanero & Celery Seed: Sea salt, lime, habanero, celery seed

Mais Oui!!!: Sea salt, Herbes de Provence

Oh Chihuahua: Smoked sea salt, lime, garlic, herbs

Oregano Blend: Sea salt, Oregano, garlic, onion

Smokn' Guns: Smoked sea salt, habanero, lime